Bug Eyes

If it happens, it’s going to be slow. If I am able to get back whatever it is that my subconscious is yearning for, whatever pieces of me I have have forgotten, lost, or damaged over the years, it will be one piece at a time. I’m not trying to be morose. I’m not trying […]

Proffexistential Crisis 101

Sometime between January 2020 and September 2021, I lost the will to work. I understand what I need to do at work, and most of the time I feel I’m actually pretty good at it. It’s a performance, a role, and I have studied it well. But anymore, my heart’s just not in it. I […]

I Am a Real Fake

I’m not sure why I’m writing this, or why I am publishing it to the internet. Yeah, my website isn’t SEO and that’s fine. Frankly, it’s probably better. I have never been one to self-promote. In fact, I have always suffered from some form of imposter syndrome – didn’t matter what I was doing, how […]