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Trades 6 and 7: Breaking Even and a Retrospective on the Week

I got busy and wasn’t able to write up the specifics of these trades. Suffice it to say I broke even over two days’ trading and decided not to stress for a few days.

Looking back at the week, I’m up in a big way. I mean, by percentages.

Whether it’s a dollar or a hundred, winning is winning and this week I won.

This is a snippet from the worksheet I developed to stay on top of trading goals. On the assumption that I started the week with $100 to trade, and making a 1% gain every day, you can see how the goals compound over time. Yes, it’s pennies, but on Monday I was going for a dollar, and by Saturday, my goal was 106% of that, $1.06. The columns on the right are especially important to me, as average trade value shows me how I’m doing trade by trade, and the net gain reflects the week’s work. Or “work,” I should say. I wouldn’t consider it work so much.

Anyway, I set out to make $7.21 out of thin air and I came up with $12.97. Even with the losses of the week, and even not having traded on several days, I made my goal. In the past I would kick myself for not having gone harder, or for missing opportunities that I convince myself I should have seen. This, I think, is the very essence of this exercise – maybe it’s because it’s small potatoes, but I have been successful at avoiding the FOMO and anxiety that got me stuck in crappy trades.

It’s later on Sunday evening and I had a very busy day. I may set up a trade, I may not. But in any case, I look forward to spending some time analyzing my options – when I have the time to give.

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