Crypto Just for Fun

The Journey of 926 Trades

Audacious. Unrealistic. Naive. Mathematically sound.

I describe myself as a tech enthusiast. I like building and programming computers. I like fixing appliances. I like engineering sometimes complex solutions to otherwise simple problems. I love Frys, just about any hardware store, and Amazon. Heaven to me is a well-organized garage, rife with tools, and the time to use them.

As far back as five or six years ago, I had been dimly aware of Bitcoin, having seen it referenced in some article about a guy who created his own fake identity. He ended up sending hundreds of Bitcoin (then the equivalent of about $500) to a guy in San Francisco to get a REAL CALIFORNIA ID with a doctored picture and other fake documents. Anyway, at the time, I dismissed the whole cryptocurrency concept as a footnote in committing Internet fraud.

So imagine my reaction when I was introduced, early in 2018, to the world of cryptocurrency. At a backyard BBQ, a colleague of mine, respectable and intelligent, explained how he had just made a KILLING in Bitcoin trading. What’s more, he explained that there were dozens of other coins out there, and thousands of scammy copy-cat coins to boot.

And he said there was still money to make in cryptocurrency. So, that afternoon, with a fist full of twenties, I set up an exchange account and I bought my first crypto – Litecoin – at a friendly discount.

Then, like most, I lost a wad of real money in what was effectively Internet gambling. The market tanked in 2018, and, high on the “hopium” on Twitter and the dopamine doses I’d get with tiny gains here and there, I dove in and blew away real dollars and countless productive hours on trying to anticipate the market’s next big move.

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