Something Fishy II: The Tidier Tank

After three weeks of nearly 100% completion of chores, the boys finally earned their fish. Of course, it has also been about three weeks of my wife complaining about the unsightly tubes, cords, and miscellany sprawling over the back half of the wet bar, so it was high time something was done to resolve that.

We went back and forth about locations for the tank, but ultimately we liked having it on the wet bar, but the cords needed to be managed. I suggested the world’s smallest tank stand, measuring just over 3 inches tall, that could be used to control the mess of wires and tubes and what-have-you, and if done right, could also minimize the noise of the air pump.

I’m sure I could do more of a write up on this project, but the whole thing was pretty much based around spare 2x4s I had lying around, 4 toggles I needed to buy, and an old power strip. Everything else just fell in as I got started working on it. I wouldn’t recommend taking the leap without doing a little homework, however. Electrical work does take some precaution and if you aren’t careful, you could really do some damage.

Anyway, here are the denizens of the family fish tank, at least, so far…

Author: brad

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