Perhaps an explanation is necessary. Aetheropus, very roughly translated from Latin, might mean “work of ether,” or even “skywork” or the like. To be honest, in a fit of nerd passion, I grabbed the domain simply because I wanted to run bots in the cloud and wanted an esoteric, if not clever, way to reach them. I guess I thought it sounded cool.

It was a journey, to be sure. Having never actually set up a cloud server, and with only a passing knowledge of how a server actually works, it was not automatic. Indeed, it took me quite some time before I was able to get my first cloud-based program working – Gekko, a cryptocurrency TA (technical analysis) and backtesting app. I never did link it to any exchanges, and after I lost even an academic interest in cryptocurrencies, I let the certs expire and kind of forgot about the domain and server for a while.

Except, I didn’t. As tumultuous a year as 2018 was, and believe me, it was a wild ride for me and my family, there was always a nagging desire to pick it up again and see if I could make anything of it. Somehow, now, months and months later, the title has found new meaning, as I start to write, and know not what about, but with the confidence that it may just be worth reading.

If you have stumbled upon this page and found that there is little to no additional content beyond these demo posts, congratulations. I’m not sure what you were looking for, but I suspect you didn’t find it… yet. I hope you do.


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