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Something Fishy II: The Tidier Tank

After three weeks of nearly 100% completion of chores, the boys finally earned their fish. Of course, it has also…

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Setting Up A Virtual Server, Budget Style

Putting together this blog is the culmination of a lot of research and work. Not to mention trial and error….

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Something Fishy

Not that long ago, as a way to motivate our kids to get through their morning and evening chores, we…

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Nerd Dad FTW

I will admit I did not anticipate that my kids would be as awesome as they are. There is an…

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Perhaps an explanation is necessary. Aetheropus, very roughly translated from Latin, might mean “work of ether,” or even “skywork” or…

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Very excited to have wrapped up the server-side deployment of this, my long pined-for blog. Looking forward to musings on…